"Bracchianas" is a new way to express the Cubism.
Georges Braque inspired me in some way, because he was the one who the music was present in his artwork.
My passion for the violoncello, gave me inspiration and the sensuality which this instrument spread.
The size, violoncello's form and his sound which remind the human voice are the principal points that attract me to paint. I just can't get enough of it !
Sensuality, the first feeling that inspire the attraction between two humains to be together the strength to bound the colours and the geometric lines.

One thought on “Gallery

  1. Alberto Mayuri

    Grande Renata!!! Hola fortuna di avere alcune sue opere qui a casa mia, e tutte le persone che vengono a trovarmi me le invidiano….cascate di colori meravigliosi. Continua così, Jurassica!


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